A candidate can be admitted to the program via some following paths: 

  1. Students who have passed the National High School Examinations
  2. Students who are good at specialized schools, talented and high schools in the group of top 100 schools (with the highest average scores in the previous National High School Examinations)
  3. Student who won national and international competitions
  4. Student who have passed the SAT exam organized by IU in May every year
  5. Student who have passed the SAT exams organized by Vietnam National University -HCMC in May and July every year

Academic semesters

  • Semester 1 (Fall) starts in September
  • Semester 2 (Spring) starts in February
  • Semester 3 (Summer) starts in June

Semesters 1 and 2 lasts for 18 weeks with 15 weeks for lectures. Semester 3 is optional (for students who want to graduate sooner, to catch up the delay or reduce workloads in the coming years), and lasts for 8 weeks with 5 weeks for lectures.

Each semester has 1 week for mid-term exams and 2 weeks for final exams.