Admission Events

Undergraduate Application documents 2019:

  1. Admission Letter & Call for Enrollment (University Entrance Exam) OR Decision of Admission (School Report/ Continuing candidate)  
  2. Student Record (Lý lịch Học sinh/Sinh viên )
  3. Highschool Record
  4. Resident ID Card
  5. Birth Certificate
  6. Certificate of Highschool Diploma (for Vietnamese students) or Notarized translation of Highschool Diploma (International students)
  7. Health Check-ups in provincial licensed hospitals/clinics
  8. Legal notarized documents of priority (if any) such as certificate of children of war invalids and martyrs, war invalid card or policy beneficiary from war invalid.


  • The above No.1: original copy 
  • The above No.2,3,4,5,6,7,8: notarized copy
  • The above No.6: Freshmen are required to submit certificate of highschool diploma (or equivalent). Certified copy or notarized copy of highschool diploma is required to be submitted after one year.

For more information:
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