Call for Proposal for Student Research Project at institutional level 2019

  1. Applicants: undergraduates/graduates who are in the same research fields with the current School/Department and have GPA >= 70 (For AUN accredited programs) and GPA >=75 (For other programs) 
  2. Budget: Up to 7 million VND
  3. Implementation Period: Up to 12 month
  4. Required Outcomes: At least 01 publication at Student Scientific Research Conference at institutional level and above.  
  5. Registration:
  • Deadline for Proposal registration at School/Department: 14:00, 20/9/2019
  • Deadline for proposal submission to the Office of R&D: 16:00, 27/9/2019
  • Contact: Ms. Nguyễn Lê Khánh Linh (Email:, ĐT: +84-02837244270-Ext: 3338)

Attachment: CV0109.TB-QLKh_DangKyDeTaiNCKH_SV_HVCH_2019

[Announcement from The Office of Research and Development]