Kumho Asiana Scholarship 2019-2020

Announcement of The Kumho Asiana Scholarship 2019 – 2020:

  1. Number of scholarship: 01 student of International University
  2. Scholarship values: 2.150.000 VND/per student/semester within 4-5 years of the university period. (with good study performance).
  3. Subjects: First  year students who have high grade in the entrance examination  or those who have financial difficulty (excludes those who are in majors of linguistics and Korean linguistics) 
  4. Maintenance conditions:Report of study performance: submit to The Department of Student Affairs of VNU-HCM, annually, by March 20  and Scholarship will be cancelled in cases that student violate one of the followings: Not in-time submission of study report; violation of IU and VNU-HCM regulations and legal violation, be physically incapable of studying.
  5. Application documents:
    Student Curriculum Vitae Form (can be downloaded at the Link: http://bit.ly/llsvkumho2019)
    Application Form can be downloaded at the Link: http://bit.ly/donxinhhbkumho2019

    Copy of Contemporary High School certificate (or High school Diploma)

    Copy of IU Admission Letter
    Copy of Identification Card or Resident Card 
    of Financial Difficulty….
    Other certificates (if any): Student of Excellence at provincial level or city level…
  6. Submission of Applications:
    Application package is required to be sent  to The Office of Student Affairs (A2.104) by 16:00, date: 16/10/2019 (Wednesday)
    Contact: Ms. Ngọc Hân, Email: tnnhan@hcmiu.edu.vn
    Detailed information and Registration at:  CTSV_ChuongtrinhHocbongKumhoAsiana2019-2020

   [This announcement is released by The Office of Student Affairs, International University]