Let’s experience the Environmental Engineering major at International University!

Environmental issues, including the pollution of air, soil and water, the exhaust of natural resources, natural disasters, human-made disasters,…..have become the most critical concerns among Vietnamese people. We have extremely cared much on air we inhale, the food we absorb, and the fresh water we drink everyday. Besides the government policies on the environmental issues, there requires urgent actions to grow environmental awareness in Vietnamese people, especially, the young generation who will lead their roles in the future of the country. The following video clip shows efforts of Department of Environmental Engineering – International University, seeking answers to the five the following questions:

  1. What are the environmental issues in Vietnam context?
  2. What do environmental engineering students’ study, and how are their “student lives” at International University?
  3. What do the exchange students experience at International University, and their feelings about Vietnamese people?
  4. What do the environmental employer say about this “environmental” career in Vietnamese and Asian context?
  5. What do the educator say about environmental engineering students of International University?

Let join us in the below video cliphttps://youtu.be/VBRqsm-r8i0