EV student with Solid waste and hazardous waste management course

Author: Dr. Tran Thanh Tu

Date: 23 Nov. 2020

In the first semester of year 2020-2021, EV students’ batch 2017 (K17) are taking the course namely Solid waste and hazardous waste management. In the practical part, students are divided into 3 groups, dealing with 3 different methods for organic waste treatment, which are: composting, biogas, and black soldier fly. Pictures show how hard K17 did!!!

Pic 1: Clean up the labwork area
Pic 2: Remove unnecessary stuffs
Pic 3: Wash out the dust
Pic 4: All are clean
Pic 5: Setting up different models
Pic 6: Composting and biogas models are ready!!!


Pictures to be updated!!!