Tsukuba Global Science Week (TGSW) 2021 and Tsukuba Conference 2021

TGSW2021 will be held!
The period is from September 6th (Monday) to 11th (Saturday), 2021, and some sessions will be held after October.

This year’s TGSW2021 will be held as a satellite event of “Tsukuba Conference 2021” (held in late September).
Registration for the Tsukuba Conference has also started, so please have a look.
Tsukuba Conference Official Website https://tsukuba-conference.com

1.  Tsukuba Global Science Week (TGSW) 2021:
TGSW Conference aims at building global networks and offering solutions for global issues from Tsukuba to the world .
Time period: September 06-11, 2021
Type of Conference: Online
Registration link: https://tgsw.tsukuba.ac.jp/ .
2. Tsukuba Conference 2021:
Tsukuba Conference 2021 aims at gathering future contributors from Tsukuba Science City and all around the world who come to give their discussions and sharing viewpoints to the future of the world.
Time period: September 21-30, 2021
Type of Conference: Online
Registration link: https://tsukuba-conference.com/ .