UPSHIFTS MÙA 5 – Climate Actions

The program is sponsored by UNICEF and organized at International University, Vietnam National University-HCMC, Thu Duc Campus on Wednesday, September 11, 2019.

Project UPSHIFT – a project  promoting the inner force of youth and adolescences by equipping them with the 21st century skills, innovative ability and entrepreneurial spirit to address social problems. 

By the year 2019, the project have conducted for 5 years, accessed up to 120.000 youth and adolescences in the age of 14 -24 years old.

Target goal: Help students to identify social problems, nurture innovation ideas and build up entrepreneurial spirit, starting up with social impact projects.  

Expected Outcomes:

  • Inspiration and skills development: Identifying and presenting problems,  shaping problems and addressing solutions for positive changes in the community. 
  • About the program Upshift mùa 5: Introduction of the program overview, theme and supports from the organizers for participants (identifying problems, raising ideas and finding solutions addressing those problems, technical supports from experts, sponsorship  for implementing the project, opportunities for networking with experts in the field of youth and adolescent actions and climate actions, and alumni…..   ). 

Solutions to be solved:

  • Clean Water
  • Living Environment
  • Living Quality
  • Ocean Pollution
  • Droughts
  • Flood
  • Health
  • Global Warming
  • Food Security, Agriculture & Food Safety

* Co-Organizers: Saigon Innovation Hub – SIHUB (Department of Science and Technology HCMC), Center for Innovation and Technology Transfer (International University).

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