The projects, both domestic and international funding,  have being carried out by lecturers of Department of Environmental Engineering – International University:

STT Principle Investigator Project name Project Objective Budget Period
1 Asso. Prof. Tran Tien Khoi Innovation in Disease Control Combined with The Management and Valorisation of Dragon Fruit Culture Waste (BE/VN) Strategic target : Contribute to a dynamic agricultural sector where different stakeholders are providing quality and safe produce in a sustainable manner both for domestic and exports markets, hence contributing to economic, social and environmental developments 386,425,579  VND
96,097,875 VND
2 Dr. Lê Thái Hoàng Quantification of Antibiotic resistance factors in surface water and risk assessment for water security in Ho Chi Minh City ((NAFOSTED, 105.99-2018.19) This project aims to rapidly and accurately characterize the level of antibiotic resistance factors in surface water in HCM City and quantitative risk assessment for water security and public health. The first objective is to measure the concentrations of antibiotic residues(AB), antibiotic resistant bacteria (ARB), and antibiotic resistant genes (ARG) in surface water along Dong Nai river in HCM City. The second objective is to conduct a quantitative risk assessment on antibiotic resistance to evaluate various factors on the development and persistence of antibiotic resistance, and to examine the potential risk of infection by AMR bacteria to public community. 954,000,000 VND 12/2018 -12/2020
3 Dr. Tran Thanh Tu Exploring National and Global Actions to reduce Greenhouse gas Emissions (European Commission) Apply Integrated Assessment Models (IAMs) to support the Paris Agreement (PA) in co-producing a new generation of global and national decarbonization pathways, with cutting-edge insights from social science in order to reflect multidimensional feasibility of decarbonization and identify opportunities to strengthen climate policies. The pathways will be designed to minimize overshoot of the temperature target and analyses the timing of net-zero emissions to meet the Paris temperature target and reduce the reliance on controversial negative emissions technologies. In addition, they will link national mitigation strategies of major emitters with the PA’s objectives, integrate potential game-changing innovations, and advance conceptually novel approaches to architectures of international climate agreements. ENGAGE will also quantify avoided impacts of climate change, co-benefits and trade-offs of climate policy, and identify the biggest sectoral opportunities for climate change mitigation. 78,000 EUR 9/2019 – 9/2023
4 Dr. Ngo Thi Thuan Investigation of levels, distributions, sources and preliminary risk assessment of polychlorinated naphthalenens (PCNs) and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAHs) in ambient air of Ho Chi Minh City. (NAFOSTED, 104.04-2019.35) This project aims to  evaluate concentrations, distributions and sources of dl-PCBs, PCNs and PAHs in ambient air concentrations of Ho Chi Minh City and  primarily assess on health risks caused by exposure of PCNs, dl-PCBs and PAHs through inhalation. 1,150,000,000 VNĐ 4/2020 – 4/2023


(Updated on Nov 25, 2020)