Scholarship granted by Professor at Pusan National University, Korea

Sponsor:  Department of Environmental Engineering, Pusan National University
Position: Thạc sĩ 
Semester: Spring, begins in Mar. 2020
Sponsored type: monthly salary of 800.000W (tuition fee is not covered)
– Undergraduates, majored in environmental or biology, graduated from University of Science, HCMC is preferred. 
– English: IELTS 5.5 or TOEIC >675 (Required by Pusan National University).
– Research field: wastewater treatment, dynamic of microorganism community structure in contaminated soil, environmental microbiology, molecular biology
Research areas:
1. Nitrogen removal: Partial Nitrification, Deammonification
2. Membrane Bioreactor: Osmotic Membrane Bioreactor
3. Disinfection: Chlorination, Removal of Antibiotic Resistance
4. Bioconversion: Methanotrophic Conversion of Methane
– Đăng ký online trên website của trường: 10/10/2019
– Đăng ký qua email liên hệ tại Việt Nam: Trong tháng 9/2019.
– Email liên hệ tại Việt Nam: []
Lab Information:
Professor Hyokwan Bae
Professor’s Profile on Google scholar và researchgate :
Lab Website:
Website of Pusan National University: