Workshop: Enabling a circular economy for water purification in Vietnam

Workshop: Enabling a circular economy for water purification in Vietnam:

The workshop, sponsored by Global Challenges Theme Development Fund, cooperated with The University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

Seminar 1: Scaling up the production of anti-aging polymer membranes for water purification and carbon capture

Speaker: Dr. Cher Hon Lau from The University of Edinburgh,Scotland.

Presented by Dr. Cher Hon Lau
Dr. Cher Hon (Sam) Lau is a Chancellor’s Fellow at the University of Edinburgh. His current research focuses on the scale-up production of microporous materials that are compatible with various polymer matrices, and polymer membranes for liquid separations.

Seminar 2: Multifunctional Catalytic Reactors for Today’s Energy and Emission Control Challenges

Speaker: Dr. F.R. García-García from The University of Edinburgh, Scotland

Presented by Dr. García-García

Dr. García-García is a Lecturer in Chemical Reaction Engineering at the School of Engineering at University of Edinburgh. Dr. García-García is recognized for his knowledge in the area of gas phase heterogeneous catalysis, new materials development, membrane technology and chemical looping in the interphase between chemistry and chemical engineering.